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Douglas Turner

Mijn dream is ...

... that God would manifest and advance His kingdom through the experiences of internationals that move to The Netherlands and personally encounter Jesus here. That their lives would be transformed and they would experience this freeing, everlasting, new found identity, in the midst of our diverse, authentic community of students and young professionals 

Why Navigators?
The Navigators have been a huge gift to me. Encountering a genuine christ-centred community where I could share the rawness of my faith and my journey in an encouraging, open space, was what empowered me to establish and grow in a personal relationship with God. I want to advocate for the next generation of believers who feel segregated from faith to pass on the same gift that I’ve received | Deuteronomy 30:4 

What i do ...
I am investing in internationals through different avenues of outreach, discipleship and bible studies, to connect, encourage and build them up in their faith with God and advance the movement of Navigators Internationals across the city of Amsterdam

Join me?
Would you like to be a part of my ministry, by partnering with me and helping to reach those who have yet to hear about Jesus and the good news for their lives? I would love to connect with you and bring you on the journey! 

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