'My home away from home'

I moved to Amsterdam in August 2019, at the start of my bachelor’s at the University of Amsterdam. Before coming to Amsterdam, I had two gap years and spent a lot of that time travelling, and during my time away Christian community was lacking ... »


Encountering God

Hemanth grew up in the Southern part of India. He was born into a Hindu family. Though it was expected of him that he would also blindly follow the religion of his ancestors: Hemanth’s story turned out quite different.   Looking for Go... »

Navigators, Internationals

God verlaat mij nooit!

Gloria Hou kwam als student tot geloof in China. Maar pas in Nederland kwam het echte keerpunt in haar leven. Ze ging naar een internationale studentengroep en naar een bijbelstudiegroep van Navigators en leerde God daar echt persoonlijk kennen. Ze o... »