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Sacred: to be holy or deserving of respect.
Normally when this word is used, it is in the context of describing the covenant of marriage. There are even books with the word ‘sacred’ in the title when it comes to marriage. What about all of us out here in the world who aren’t married?  Are we less deserving of respect, less holy in the eyes of the church? 

Honestly, most of the time that is how I feel. I feel like I’m seen as someone who isn’t quite complete, in need of fixing, pitied for my relationship status. But that simply is not Biblical. Singleness is just as deserving of respect in the Body of Christ as marriage. Not only was Jesus single himself, he also chose to invest in many men and women who were (at the time) single. I love how he elevated the status of single women so that they felt seen and valued by him. Furthermore, Paul dedicates a whole chapter in 1 Corinthians (chapter 7) to the high value of singleness. He actually says it is better to remain single than be married. So why does our culture, especially Christian culture, seem to raise marriage to the highest place of sacredness? 

As a single woman, I sometimes find myself struggling to feel valued and worthy of respect. It makes me so sad that many singles in churches feel disconnected and unseen. I’m not saying this happens everywhere, but I think our culture has idolized being in a relationship far beyond what is normal and healthy. The church has unfortunately followed the same path. My hope in writing this is that if you are single you feel seen and respected. And if you are married, please know how much I value being connected to you. Also know that there is nothing wrong with my relational status or me. I’m living plan “A” for my life and I have much to offer those around me because of my single status. I’ll step down from my single soapbox now J

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